On the average every 2 to 4 years. it depends on the size of your tank, how many people live in the house and the habits of the household.

Indicators could include some or all of the following symptoms: Sewer gas smell, toilet flushing slowly or gurgling, any other drains in your house going down slow, waste on top of your tank, standing water around your system or drainage fields.
Most toilet paper is septic approved and should say it on the package. The best way to determine if your toilet paper is sufficient is take a handful of toilet paper and put it in a bucket of water. After 1-2 minutes, as you pull it out, it should start separating.
Yes, but make sure there are no harsh chemicals and it is all natural.
Gurgling sounds in the toilet. Any toilets, kitchen sink lines, bath tubs, floor drains etc. that are draining slowly, and a sewer gas smell may be present. Also, be on the lookout for puddles around any floor drains.
Yes. You can rent a rodding machine from a local rental company and try it yourself. Make sure you get a machine that is capable of reaching the blockage and use the appropriate cutters. Most importantly, make sure you are confident in using the machine. Your biggest concern should be safety. If you are not comfortable call a professional.
In most cases it’s in a couple of hours or the same day.
Yes, 10 percent off service.
Yes, within a 20 mile radius.
Family own and operated for over 40 years.
Yes, we serve both residential and commercial clients.

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Years of Exceptional Service
Charles O.
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I have used them for both my professional and personal needs! They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. This family owned and operated business goes above and beyond not only in the services they provide, but the quality in which they provide them.
Mark S.
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Called for a septic clean out. Bob was there in 30 minutes with truck, ready to do the job. Bob was great. Fast and Professional. Don't waste time with anyone else. Others will take days and cost 2 times as much. Call A&J first.
Bryan F.
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A & J took the time to explain our catch basin and drain system to really help us feel more educated about what we are dealing with. They gave us some ideas that were not even part of their services and also rodded out our drain lines and supplied a video showing them crystal clear. I would recommend them to any homeowner in need of drain or septic service.