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Grease Trap Services in Chicago, IL

For businesses in the bustling food industry, keeping up with the regulations and demands of maintaining a clean grease trap system can feel like a never-ending challenge. When the stakes are high and compliance is non-negotiable, the power of professional grease trap services becomes more than just a convenience — it’s a secret weapon in your business’s long-term success. Enter A&J Sewer Service. We offer tailored grease trap solutions that guarantee your peace of mind and business compliance.

With our customized solutions, no-contract flexibility, and comprehensive service offerings, we are equipped to handle all aspects of grease management and beyond. Are you ready to have your grease traps cleaned? Contact us today to schedule your appointment in Chicago, IL, or the surrounding area!

How Does a Grease Trap Work?

A grease trap, often found in commercial settings like food service establishments, is an integral part of the wastewater disposal system. It functions by cooling hot, greasy water from kitchen operations, allowing the grease and oils, which are lighter than water, to rise to the top. This separation process prevents fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from entering the plumbing system, where they can solidify and cause clogs.


The effectiveness of grease trap systems hinges on their maintenance. Regular cleaning and inspection are vital to prevent grease from escaping into the sewer system, which can cause severe blockages and environmental damage. Understanding the workings of these systems is the first step toward effective grease management, a service that A&J Sewer Service provides with proficiency.

Interior Grease Traps

Portable Vacuum Unit

Interior Grease Trap: Before

Interior Grease Trap: After

Expert Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap cleaning is a critical service that addresses some of the most common problems faced by food service businesses — clogs and overflows. A&J Sewer Service employs thorough cleaning techniques that remove built-up grease from both interior and exterior grease traps. Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of the traps but also guarantees they operate efficiently, preventing slowdowns in your business operations due to plumbing issues.

Our cleaning process includes dry pumping and pressure washing, which are effective in removing hardened grease and debris. These methods not only clean but also inspect for potential issues that could disrupt your operations. Regularly scheduled grease trap cleaning is an investment in your business’s continuity and compliance with local health codes and regulations.

Specialized Care for Interior Grease Traps

Interior grease traps are particularly challenging due to their location and the difficulty in accessing them for maintenance. A&J Sewer Service addresses this challenge with specialized equipment and tactics, such as portable vacuum units designed to reach and effectively clean traps located in tight spaces.

Our approach is tailored to each client, depending on the size and type of trap as well as the frequency of use. This customization extends to our service schedules, which are designed to minimize disruption to your business while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and functionality.

Exterior Grease Trap Solutions

For exterior grease traps, A&J Sewer Service utilizes powerful vacuum trucks that can handle large volumes of waste and debris. These traps, typically larger and installed underground outside a building, require robust solutions that address not only cleaning but also the overall integrity of the trap and surrounding infrastructure.

Our services for exterior grease traps include comprehensive cleaning, repair, and preventive maintenance. We’ll make sure your grease traps are clean, structurally sound, and functioning correctly. Our team’s expertise extends to managing the entire process, from waste removal to proper disposal, adhering strictly to state and local regulations.

Vacuum trucks for waste removal.

Remove waste and pressure wash.

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Charles O.
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I have used them for both my professional and personal needs! They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. This family owned and operated business goes above and beyond not only in the services they provide, but the quality in which they provide them.
Mark S.
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Called for a septic clean out. Bob was there in 30 minutes with truck, ready to do the job. Bob was great. Fast and Professional. Don't waste time with anyone else. Others will take days and cost 2 times as much. Call A&J first.
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A & J took the time to explain our catch basin and drain system to really help us feel more educated about what we are dealing with. They gave us some ideas that were not even part of their services and also rodded out our drain lines and supplied a video showing them crystal clear. I would recommend them to any homeowner in need of drain or septic service.

The A&J Sewer Service Difference

Choosing A&J Sewer Service means partnering with a team that values reliability, customer satisfaction, and tailored solutions. Our no-contract approach, based on trust and quality service, allows flexibility and ease for our clients.

Additionally, our special waste hauling permit and adherence to stringent local ordinances mean that you can trust us to manage your waste responsibly and legally. We are always ready to handle a full range of sewer and septic issues, making us your one-stop solution for all wastewater management needs.

We Can Assist With All Sewer and Septic Needs

Beyond grease traps, A&J Sewer Service offers an extensive range of services to keep your sewer systems in top condition. From drain cleaning to sewer televising, our services are designed to keep your plumbing and sewer systems compliant with current health and safety standards.

With our septic services and sump pump services, rest assured knowing that we handle all aspects of your waste management needs. We also offer a cooking oil collection service, which complements our Chicago grease trap services by providing a holistic approach to grease and waste management.

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A&J Sewer Service is dedicated to providing Chicago businesses with superior grease trap and sewer services. Our commitment to quality, customer-centric service, and compliance with all local regulations makes us the ideal choice for your grease trap service needs.

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